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I HAVE MANY years of experience writing my own books and ghostwriting books for high-profile authors. I’m an award-winning author and publishing professional who is eager to help you succeed. I don’t offer you a one-size fits all “program.” Instead, the invaluable assistance I offer is tailored specifically to your needs. You are unique; your story is, too, and it makes great sense to work with an expert like me who can guide you based on where you are now, what your needs are, and how best we can reach your goals.

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Writing Your Manuscript

Writing logoDuring the time we work together, I help you define your story, structure your book, and produce a polished manuscript. If we determine that you need a professional ghostwriter to draft your manuscript, I’ll help you find someone with whom you work very successfully and will ensure that that collaboration is a successful one.

Publishing Your Book

Book publishing logoThe decision whether to seek a traditional publisher, a hybrid publisher, or to publish your book yourself is a critical one—and we will make it together. If hybrid or self-publishing is the best fit for you, I will work closely with you every step of the way.

Book Marketing & Social Media

Social Media LogoTo reach readers, you must market your book on social media, at book reviewing and retailing sites, and sometimes with targeted advertising. I work closely with you to devise a marketing plan that is based on your specific book and its needs, your publishing goals, and your budget. 


Money logoIn my long experience, virtually every client needs at least nine hours of assitance from me—and often many more. I offer a single, nine-hour package of guidance and support that may include video conferencing, editing, book design, printing recommendations, and/or marketing—as needed and tailored specifically to you and your project. The cost is $2,400. Subsequent nine-hour packages are discounted to $2,000. Beyond the first nine-hour package, fractional one-hour sessions are billed at $300 each.

Publishing at Say Yes Quickly Books

Book publishing logoWhen your book is a particularly good fit with my own publishing vision and goals, I am delighted to publish it at my own imprint, Say Yes Quickly Books. Collaborating with you as your hybrid publisher, I offer editing services, book design, printing, distribution, and marketing guidance for all-inclusive prices that begin at $4,400. Prices are normally higher for lengthy manuscripts.  I’ll be pleased to offer you additional information about this option in which you retain one hundred percent of the income your book produces.

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