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Russell Martin, Publishing Coach

MORE AND MORE clients whose books have exceptional merit or seem certain to find a successful niche in the marketplace—or both—are choosing the hybrid publishing option I offer.

They are authors who don’t like the reality that a traditional publisher could change their book’s title, choose the cover, or restructure its contents. By retaining all rights themselves, they control all decisions.

These clients generally don’t have the time (or desire) to embark on the long and highly uncertain path to agented publication, nor do they want to self-publish their books themselves.

How does hybrid publishing work?

At Say Yes Quickly Books, I vet manuscripts to determine their suitability for publication. To meet industry standards, I cannot accept all submissions—nor would I want to. Sometimes I accept books on a contingency basis—on the condition that the author pays for additional developmental and/or copyediting. It’s a valuable step to make clients’ manuscripts as strong as possible. And it also supports the quality of my Say Yes Quickly Books brand.

Once I have accepted an author’s work, I offer a range of services—from design, production, and distribution to developmental editing, marketing, and media outreach.

For a single pre-publication fee, I do everything, and authors retain all rights and one hundred percent of the income derived from sales of their books.

Every case is different, but in general, I can offer my hybrid publishing service for far less than others because I do all the work myself. I have decades of experience in publishing and an unparalleled skill set that allows me not to maintain a staff yet produce exquisite and award-winning books.

Books published at Say Yes Quickly Books are indistinguishable from those released by traditional publishers, and I offer my clients constant communication, feedback, and control over every potential decision. Don’t hesitate to inquire if you think your project might be right for Say Yes Quickly Books!

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