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There's Something Important You Want to Write

But How Do You Get It Done?

What's The Story You Want to Tell or The Information You Want to Share?

You know you have something important to share with readers, but how do you go about it? To whom should you reach out?

What Is The Best Way to Reach Your Readers?

Traditional New York publishing? Self-publishing? Hybrid publishing? In books or blogs or newsletters or at online sites that publish articles that can reach millions?

What Help Do You Need?

Do you need a ghostwriter, an editor, a line editor or copyeditor, an agent, a first reader, or some combination of all these experts? What kind of expert do you need to help see you through to publication?

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Russell Martin,
Writing & Publishing Coach

I'm Russell. I Can Help.
Let's Get You Published!

IF FEAR OF FAILURE­—or any number of other issues—has been holding you back from becoming the published author you know you were meant to be, you’re not alone. Thousands of people just like you dream of writing—and being read enthusiastically by others—but they fail to take action because they just don’t know what first steps to take.

Even if what you foremost need is simply a gifted ghostwriter who can transform your own words or ideas into prose, I can help!

For many years, I’ve been dedicated to helping people just like you become successfully published writers.  As scary as it can seem, as overwhelming as it can feel, you can do this. With the right systems in place and an expert guide at your side, you can—and will—become an author!

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You Will Become a Published Author

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